Triennial Triumphs: The Unstoppable Rise of DeGore

Triennial Triumphs: The Unstoppable Rise of DeGore
Photo by Sandro Katalina / Unsplash

Celebrating three years of innovation, growth, and unstoppable success.

So guys, we did it. We've officially reached 1095.75 days (3 years!) of successfully safeguarding online communities around the world and counting.

Words can't describe how surreal this feels. Being able to work on something I truly love and seeing the positive impact it has on people on a global scale is an achievement I could only dream of just a few years ago.

Let's take a look at some incredible statistics showcasing DeGore's impact on the internet:

The Stats

  • 💯 DeGore is protecting well over 1 million users worldwide
  • 🍻 DeGore JUST hit the 2,000 community milestone!
  • 🔀 On average, DeGore scans 120 images every minute, and over 7,000 images every hour.
  • 📈 DeGore is built up of over 17,000 lines of code as of the February '24 update
  • ⏱️ Despite the massive impact that DeGore has on online communities globally, thanks to planned architecture as well as heavily optimised and structured code, DeGore continues to detect explicit and illicit imagery in under 250ms on average.
  • 🔄 DeGore has received 269 updates, constantly improving and evolving depending on your requests and needs.

Looking Ahead

at DeGore's future

We've already come so far with DeGore, yet there's still so much more to look forward to.

Over the next year, you can expect DeGore to continue receiving major feature updates, look forward to partnerships with communities on Discord as well as partnerships with software partners to bring world-class features to your community.

Additionally, there's something super special that we've been planning for the past year that's now actively being developed. This may just revolutionise the way you connect with, perceive and use bots & connected services on Discord. Make sure to stay tuned for that, too.

A memo from Savvy

Seriously, thank you so much for everything.

Your support and enthusiasm for this project embodies the very spirit that keeps DeGore alive.

As a thank you for reading thus far, here's a coupon for 80% off your first month of ALL DeGore Plus Tiers: MANYTHANKS3
It's valid for just 24 hours for the first 10 people that claim it, so claim it at checkout whilst you can!

If there's anything you'd like to discuss related to DeGore, you can join our Discord community server, or shoot me an email over at (feel free to say hi!).

P.S. Pardon the post being relatively short this time round, I'm a little sick so really gotta get that rest.

Over and out,

CEO & Lead Developer