DeGore Sensitivity Levels, Explained

DeGore Sensitivity Levels, Explained
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With the brand new Sensitivity Levels update just released, you may find yourself wondering: what are the differences between each sensitivity level, and which is best for my community?

What is a Sensitivity Level?

Sensitivity levels determine how strict DeGore's AI is when looking for explicit, suggestive, drug and gore imagery.

For instance, a high sensitivity will make DeGore more prone to flagging an image as Not Safe For Work (NSFW). On the other hand, a low sensitivity would make it so that DeGore is more hesitant to flag images as NSFW.

This update introduces 4 sensitivity levels to choose from:

✨ Optimised
🛡️ High
👌 Medium
😎 Low


The default option, optimised for most communities.

Optimised protection is the default option for all new communities adding DeGore, and provides protection best suited for small-medium sized communities (works best with up to 500 or so members).

This sensitivity level can be quite sensitive to suggestive images at times, so we do recommend you set the suggestive action to Alert Moderators (Don't delete) using the /config images slash command.

This sensitivity level is available to all communities for completely free, and is a great starting point for communities new to DeGore.

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Maximum protection for educational & strict communities.

High sensitivity provides strict moderation thresholds which allows DeGore to catch many more potentially sensitive and/or suggestive images sent in your community.

It is important to note that due to the high sensitivity of this level, DeGore is prone to flagging false-positives (accidentally flagging safe images as NSFW). To reduce friction with members, we suggest that you keep an eye on the logging channel you set for DeGore and are ready to whitelist any false-positive images so they can be re-sent afterwards.

Additionally, to help reduce false-positive deletions, it's a good idea to consider setting some categories to the Alert Moderators (Don't delete) action using the /config images slash command.


Get the best of both worlds.

Medium sensitivity is the perfect level if you're looking for a perfect balance between all the layers. If you have a community with anywhere from 500 or more users, this is the one for you. With an estimated 65% decrease in false-positives in the explicit category alone, it provides an excellent balance between quality moderation and peace of mind.

This layer has been crafted based on extensive research and data analysis performed on historical false-positive image reports, and you really can't go wrong with choosing it. It really is the no-fuss solution you've been looking for.


Both will work great, but you may find the first one  - with the suggestive category set to alerting moderators only - giving you the most ease-of-mind, all whilst staying informed and ready to take action with the click of a button in the logging channel.


Relaxed moderation for smaller communities.

Whether your community is for a group of friends, a private Discord server or anything else where strict moderation isn't necessary, then the low level is the one to go for. DeGore will generally be less strict when looking for all four flagged categories, and won't take action unless it's AI is really sure that the image is NSFW.

Due to its relaxed nature, this layer also benefits from the lowest number of false-positives, which makes it an excellent 'set it and forget it' option.

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